The wall erection shuffle.

Hanging out in the lean to, everyone enjoys some afternoon shade.  This will become a fire at some point.  It will be where we will read a book to the kids, sing songs and retell stories we have told fifty times.  
Been a busy week.  We had all hands on deck up at camp this weekend.  Eric, Kirsten, Joe, Mary, kids and Randyll.  We had all the material dropped off for Friday night and everyone started to get in around 10 pm.  We had a fire and caught up on life.  This is really the reason for building the cabin, the camp fire and the people we choose to surround ourselves with around it.  We end our night together and start our mornings around it.  We don't have this during our day to day life.  I think it is something special to have this good a friendship.  We all got to sleep by 2 am and shut off our alarms.  All of camp was awake by the crack of 10 am.  I put in the last pillar and finished up all of the supports.  I moved onto laying out the pre cut plywood and Libby made sure it all went in the right place and was tacked into place.  H kid brought up all the Foam insulation for the next layer of our floor.  We laid it out and started to trim it to fit.  Randal started to put in deck screws while I set up boards and we got a pretty good system going for most of the floor.  
Randyll multitasks with a smoke and an impact gun.  We got a good pace going.  

We started to get to the larger section when we had to change players and H kid plus Libby finished off the floor.

Eric and I talk about working while Randyll works.  

We had all of the floor down by 2 in the afternoon.  A sandwich of 1/2 inch plywood, 2 inch foam and then 2X boards from pallets.  It looked good, but we needed to do some quality checks.  We brought in our best inspectors for dynamic load testing.

The girls test to make sure the floor is Dance ready.  O kid rocks out like it's her job.  
From this point on we started putting up walls .

Just kidding, we have some Party Rocking to not apologize for.

Two window sections up and laying out the third.  

Eric tries to drink His Drill and put in a screw with his bourbon.  Results were mixed.

Eric figured out which one screws and which one booze.  Time for wall three.

Impact guns and Lipo made this cabin possible.  Without them, I think I would be a few weekends behind.

Libby helps level the wall and window unit.  

Most of these photos are from Joe and Kirstin.  I always get busy doing and forget to document what we are doing.  without them, you would have no in process photos.

Checking over our work, talking about grilled cheese.  We have the three window sections up, and the fourth assembled.  We had to assemble it on top of the other wall section before we erected it.  otherwise we would not have had the room to use a screw gun to fasten it together.  We stored it in the vertical position while we put up more of the pre fabricated sections.

Small wall section being aligned.  All of the wall sections were designed to locate via flats on the surface so no measuring would be needed.  
Getting the door panel to be in the right place before we lift it up.  

Next up door section raising.  Libby went beast mode while Eric fastened it into place.  Joe and I helped line everything up from the bottom.

The thought bubble over my head "please don't fall". 

Almost in position.

And touch down.  pretty much all the wall sections went up in a similar manor.  This is just the breakout of what they all looked like.  

Libby stands in the doorway where she wants it to be.  The shape is starting to come together.

one panel connects to the last.  I am doing some kind of hand talking, or wiping the sweat from my brow.  
Libby does a sprinkler dance while we install a wall section upside down.  

putting in the last window section, only one thing to do.

Dance party!

O kid does the Charleston.

Eric does moves that are illegal in 7 states.

Yes this is where I want the door.  
Once we had all the wall sections up, we squared them up and screwed them down.  everything ended up within .25 inches, good for what we were working with.  We were able to have 9 folks dancing and party rocking.  I think that meets camp standards.

Cabin camouflage.  You can't see it.

Sunday morning did some QC noticed a few things, some of the top plates were cut a bit off.  I chose giving up and going to breakfast instead of fixing it and finishing the work this week.  

Walls with big windows and a great view of the woods.

Libby stands in front of the section we put in upside down.  We will have to flip it over next time.  before we tie everything down

Our QC team always have safety glasses on.  
Progress was not quick enough for my inspection crew.  H kid Built O kid a cabin out of the box from the new bed mattress.  

Libby and I will never look this cute sticking our heads out of the window on our cabin.  
That's a bunch of photos of the weekend construction.  Libby has High hopes for next weekends progress.  The Jim's will be up.  We will try and get in windows and the door.  If we get up wall sheathing, I think we will be in good shape.  she thinks we can get the rafters constructed and ready to go up.  Time will tell.  


Adam Wilcox said...

Really cool to follow your progress, especially the design and pre-fab. Thanks for sharing, Rob.

diginati said...

I too love following this project. Awesome. I want to help!

Robot Rob said...

Thanks for checking it out, It is neat when a few more people check out every post. If you all want to help, Libby and I do most work at MakeIt Labs in the evenings. Let us know when you want to come by to help out and we will be happy to take all input.