Animated Gifs

Back in the hay day of angelfire, and earthlink websites, animated gifts and bad page layout ruled the internet.  Until today, I could not figure out a worthwhile use of them aside from kittens doing cute things.  Today I made my first animated Gif.  It shows the steps for construction to get the floor built.  

Animation of the floor assembly.
I didn't get much progress done on actual construction tonight.  I did some work on preparation for phase 1 of construction.   I put my new chop saw platform together so to some saw chopping of stuff.  using the saw on the ground is not great.  having it off the ground with work supports makes it a much easier tool to use.
A 50 dollar chop saw on a 90 dollar stand. 

I went through all of the fasteners to see what I could reuse from the pallets.  I was able to get 36 3.5 by 3/8th lag bolts that are needed for all of the piers.  I still have 30 left over to make something else.
Lag Bolts from the used pallets.  Yay fender washers.  
I then went out to check out what we had left for flooring.  The main support I plan to use 2x10's and 2x12's with some sheathing over the top to make it pretty.
Stacks and stacks of wood.  With any luck, this will cover the entire floor.

Once the floor goes down, all force is going down and should be a very strong  box structure.  
The large 2x boards are only 102 inches long.  instead of buying longer boards, I came up with a plan that allows joints that are fully supported.    

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