Libby and I spent the day doing errands and doing a bit of work on the cabin.  As usual, I wanted to do a bunch of stuff and only a few things got done.

First I wanted to put up a rendering up of the entire cabin.  Here are a few views, no windows are filled in at this time.
Cabin with some wall sheathing and roof sheathing.  The large openings will all be windows.  
A view of the cabin at the door entrance.  The big openings are windows.  
The other night we cut and pre drilled all of the 6x6 piers for the cabin at Make it Labs.
All the posts cut and drilled.
Each beam had a notch put in it to marry itself with the beam.  We also pre drilled holes  for the lag bolts.  
Any step we can do in Nashua and not up at camp is one less thing that requires use of a battery.  The length of these beams will be adjusted at camp by chainsaw when we have an actual dimension.

For bringing junk to camp we got a trailer from Earl on craigslist.  It may need some work.

Slightly used trailer.  Some assembly required.  
We picked up some safety chains, red paint and rings for tie downs.  It needs new tires and a deck still.  Anyone know how to register a junky trailer in NH?  I imagine this trailer will make a few trips up to camp.  when done with that use, it will become a Tear Drop Trailer.  

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